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Yoga improves Body and Mind Health

Yoga improves Body and Mind Health

Author: dai1952


Yoga is a difficult topic to discuss in this high-tech era. This ancient concept has somehow lost its real meaning through globalization. In an attempt to make things easier, people have reduced a whole philosophy into one simple concept. In fact, the western civilization might find the full contents of yoga to be a rather difficult subject to relate to.

It is a very dangerous and unethical to merely dabble on the surface and then talks about this subject as an expert! Yoga is often viewed as a physical journey, instead of a spiritual one in the western part of the world. It is represented as a physical activity that is directed towards the achievement of inner balance and meditative states of mind.

This unique practice is actually a religious journey, a representation of one of the Hindu schools of thought. In India, yoga is considered a very spiritual experience that has a physical aspect to it. Viewing yoga as a physical activity is definitely a mistake. Yoga does have some strange looking symbols and does, on occassion, seem mystical to the average person, and is often enough to kindle a considerable level of interest in the more secretive aspects of this ancient practice, but such is the way, they are often misinterpreted. It became a popular sport in the west. The attraction of yoga, as an efficient way to gain inner peace and balance, has attracted many to this ancient Art.

The so called experts in this industry have been quick to use these promises and people have been fascinated. Fatal errors have been detected in the practice of yoga outside of India, showing the level of misunderstanding among the western practitioners. These errors were caused by each racial group\'s internal culture and form. In order to truly understand this concept moments of quiet, peaceful times are necessary to contemplate on this philosophy, and that is certainly an element that is absent in the hectic lifestyle of the western civilization. While meditation is an integral part of the practice, the westerners with their ever busy lifestyles certainly do not posses time for such luxuries.

The Hindus have a different set of values that are very different from ours in the west, and thinks little of our passion for building wealth. Therefore, it is believed that the westerners will never reach the pinnacles of true wisdom dictated by the parameters of the Hindu religion. One crucial aspect essential for a successful meditative session is time and patience. The west seems cursed with the obsession to pursue the goal of building better lives in the form of lavish lifestyles and not in the philosophical way.

Ironically, yoga has been taken on as a fashion statement in the western world. If you are thinking of taking up yoga as a part of your daily lifestyle, you can buy some of those materials that are available, suitable to this Art and practice it as a form of sports. During the early years of yoga practice in the US, a lot of yoga \'gurus\' have emerged, claiming to be experts of this discipline; yet they gradually dwindled into what they actually are - merely fake gurus and yet they still have real support from their disciples. The disciples of these fake gurus are responsible for spreading the influence of the wrong philosophy pertaining to yoga practice.

About The Author: Read dai1952\'s printed Articles by going to ArticleXtra Directory of printed Articles. The Authors printed Articles about Yoga can also be seen at BlogHostingPro.


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