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BBC News - Loma Linda: The secret to a long health life?

 This is a great article about Seventh day Adventist. Their diets, religion and lifestyle that contributes to their long lives and health.  Notice they mention the mostly plant based diet, and that can also be said of the Krishna's as well. In a world where the cost o …


Do You Want To Know The Real Plot Of The Republiconteabaggers?

The right wing strategy is to divide and concur, so it's in their interest to get the very people who they're trying to trample on fighting against one another. If they can do that, then people will do what they did in the 2010 election, which was vot


Media not just barred from Gingrich talk, but from entire Orlando Rosen Hotel – Central Florida Political Pulse – Orlando Sentinel

We are losing our freedoms in this country, when we are not even allowed to hear what is being decided about us or for us. The secret meetings that the governor holds are supposed to be open to the reporters for the public review.  Now, the act


The Awakening | 2011 Final Version | Full Length Documentary - YouTube

I bring this message to you now because it is important that you receive it.


Egypt has Amazed the world for it's buildings for Thousands of years Now once more

The world stood by and watched the people of Egypt as they kept peaceful pushing for what we all knew they would never get. Sleeping out in the cold, and eating what they could get food from people who kept showing up.