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Insight into Depression

Insight into Depression


Author: Dane Masters

As a teenager, I literally devoured books; I loved reading and would read everything and anything, from Readers Digest to Encyclopedias. I even read self help books and found myself particularly fascinated with something that I had been experiencing for years, symptoms of depression. Even though I had felt these symptoms I had no words to describe what I was feeling, and became intent on reading more about this. I now have a good understanding of this syndrome (or illness), and thirty years on, I now know how severely depression can impact on a persons life. Statistics have shown, according to www.add-adhd-help-center.com that between thirteen and fourteen million people suffer from, and live with the effects of depressive disorders.

One of the first articles I read (the title of which escapes me at the moment) contained information on the symptoms of depression, information that still holds true today:

People suffering from Clinical Depression sleep too much, or suffer from sleeplessness, are irritable and restless.

They lose interest in pleasurable pastimes, taking care of personal hygiene and food.

Another of the early-read symptoms of depression also holds true today: the depressed person is continuously or consistently tired or exhausted and has less than usual energy.

Further studies, increased numbers of depressed persons, and updated documentation also address additional symptoms of depression: also according to www.add-adhd-help-center.com, these symptoms include the following:

Persistent, ongoing sadness, an attitude of futility and feelings of worthlessness;

Constant weight change, either gain or loss;

Both under and overeating;

Ongoing feelings of physical illness such as stomach pain, digestive disorders and headaches, these are not limited to depression, but all may be treatment resistant.

Obsession with thoughts of suicide and or dying;

Once I had reached forty, I also found out that I was an ADD sufferer. Attention Deficit Disorder, often partners with depression. It became compelling for me to discover more about these disorders and the reason why I suffered from both. Understanding is part of the solution to the problem. If you suffer from either or both of these, you must know that understanding is half the battle won. There are many sources available that can assist you with this; in the form of books, treatment and people who help. Depression is not a death sentence, it is possible to enjoy a meal again, or stop eating everything in sight. Get rid of that heavy weight that is depression, and start living a normal health life. I did it and if I can, anyone can. Just imagine being able to awake from that heavy depressive sleep, forget about suicidal thoughts, and open your eyes to a whole new world.

Dane Masters is an accomplished niche website author. for more about how to start eating healthy for teens, please visit happy, healthy lifestyle for teens for current articles and discussions.


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