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Connecting With The Divine

There are lots of empty spaces within the soul. We think that those empty spaces will be filled by others, work, position, possessions, and partners. However, no matter how much we try to fulfill ourselves with all things external, there's still that feeling of internal emptiness.

The way to fill in the empty spaces is not by the shifting sands of relationships, or the changeable circumstances of position at work, or the possessions that work brings me but I can fill myself by tapping into my own inner resources and connecting with the Divine.

This infinite source is never going to let me down, or never going to dry up. It's a possibility that's available to all of us at any moment. As I fill myself, I can feel the strength of love, peace, joy and power returning to my own inner being. There’s security in knowing that I can be self sufficient and self-reliant.

I don't need to hold onto people and things anymore. When I'm with others, there's an exchange of love and happiness, yet I'm not dependent on others. If they're not around, I don't miss them. That is the state of freedom that the soul is able to experience.

Letting go is not deprivation or sacrifice. Letting go means to step away, and to be free. It means to give freedom and space to another.

Fear is the true root of all mishap. A creator of victims, that starts as a small spark of insecurity. Igniting our frame with the doubt of ourselves and our abilities to manifest that which is perfect for our growth, it multiplies in our psyche creating images many times their actual size, blinding us to the vast possibilities within our grasp. We become fascinated with fear's expansion feeling fully compelled to feed it.

Suddenly fear becomes larger than ourselves and we are lost within its grasp. Better to live fearlessly. Rip it from your heart deliberately. Experience that eternal moment of freedom often mistaken for emptiness. Allow love to flow in. You'll never miss fear once it's gone. It is only the anticipation of fear leaving that begs it to stay.

Let it go........

Fear will lie to you in its quest for survival.

Fear is necessary only to itself.

See the truth.

Know the truth.

No fear!

Copyright April Crawford


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